Very-High Pressure (20,000psi) Connection Lines

The connection lines have either two fitted ends with standard 1/16” male nuts/ferrules (VHPCLD) or one end with 1/16” nut/ferrule and another with exposed 360 um OD fused silica capillary tube (VHPCLS).

For assembly of CoAnn connection line, insert the tube with ferrule/nut to the bottom of a female adapter to be connected and then tight the nut by using a wrench.

Product #ID (um)Length (cm)Price($)
VHPCLD0101010 um1070
VHPCLD0102010 um2075
VHPCLD0201020 um1070
VHPCLD0202020 um2075
VHPCLD0203020 um3080
VHPCLD0205020 um5090
VHPCLD0301030 um1070
VHPCLD0302030 um2075
VHPCLD0303030 um3080
VHPCLD0305030 um5090
VHPCLD0501050 um1070
VHPCLD0502050 um2075
VHPCLD0503050 um3080
VHPCLD0505050 um5090
VHPCLS0101010 um1060
VHPCLS0102010 um2065
VHPCLS0201020 um1060
VHPCLS0202020 um2065
VHPCLS0203020 um3070
VHPCLS0205020 um5080
VHPCLS0301030 um1060
VHPCLS0302030 um2065
VHPCLS0303030 um3070
VHPCLS0305030 um5080
VHPCLS0501050 um1060
VHPCLS0502050 um2065
VHPCLS0503050 um3070
VHPCLS0505050 um5080