About Us

CoAnn Technologies was established for developing and manufacturing high-resolution and high-sensitivity cutting-edge capillary separation techniques, including separation columns, accessories, instruments, and methods, especially when they are combined with mass spectrometry (MS) for proteomics and metabolomics analysis. Currently, we focus on development and manufacture of various properties of high-quality nanoLC columns for acquisition of best quality data in a variety of applications. These columns include very small inner diameter (15−30 um) ultra-sensitive columns for analysis of individual and small populations of mammalian cells and tiny tissues from medical and clinical specimen, 50−75 um ID high-resolution columns for routine analysis of peptides to maximize proteomic analysis coverage, high-resolution columns for top-down MS analysis of proteoforms. We also manufacture nanoLC−ESI−MS related accessories such as pulled ESI emitters, empty fritted capillary tubes for self-pack nanoLC columns, microSPE for sample introduction, etc. We believe that our cutting-edge separation products will assist scientists for exploring uncharted fields of proteomics and achieving quality data to uncover biological, medical, and clinic significance targets in proteomes.

Yufeng Shen, PHD

Founder of CoAnn Technologies, LLC