We Make Ultrasensitive High-Resolution NanoLC Columns and Related Accessories for Proteomics Analysis

  • Single Cell Proteomics Ultra-Sensitive NanoLC Columns

  • Bottom-Up Proteomics High-Quality NanoLC Columns

  • Phosphoproteomics Sensitive NanoLC Columns

  • Top-Down Proteomics High-Resolution NanoLC Columns

  • Middle-Down Proteomics High-Efficiency NanoLC Columns

  • Peptide and Protein Fractionation Columns

  • MicroSPE Trap Columns

  • ESI Emitters and Empty fritted capillary tubes


We developed new nanoLC column techniques that allow making even narrower integrated columns such as with 10-15 um inner diameters and higher resolution integrated columns enabling assignment of >13,000 proteins in a single experiment than those previously reported (poster to the left) in 2018.


  • Ultra-Sensitive NanoLC-ESI-MS for Proteomics:

    “High-Efficiency Nanoscale Liquid Chromatography Coupled On-line With Mass Spectrometry Through Nanoelectrospray Ionization,” Y. Shen, R. Zhao, S.J. Berger, G.A. Anderson, N. Rodriguez, R.D. Smith, Anal. Chem. 74, 4235-4249 (2002).

  • Implementation of microSPE (trap) columns for sample loading in nanoLC MS Proteomics:

    “High-Efficiency On-Line Solid-Phase Extraction Coupling to 15-150-mm-i.d. Column Liquid Chromatography for Proteomic Analysis,” Y. Shen, R.J. Moore, R. Zhao, J. Blonder, S.J. Berger, D.L. Auberry, K.J. Auberry, C. Masselon, L. Paša-Tolić, K.K. Hixson, G.A. Anderson, R.D. Smith, Anal. Chem., 75, 3596-3605 (2003).

  • High-Throughput Quantitative Single Cell Proteomics Protocol:

    “High-Throughput Single-Cell Proteomics Analysis with Nanodroplet Sample Processing, Multiplex TMT Labeling, and Ultra-Sensitive LC-MS” K. Motamedchaboki, M. Dou, Y. Cong, R. Huguet, A.M Robitaille, Y. Shen, G. Clair, C. Ansong, D. Lopez-Ferrer, R.T. Kelly, Ying Zhu. Article on ThermoFisher website.

  • High-Resolution NanoLC MS of Proteomic Peptides:

    “Automated 20 KPSI-MS and MS/MS with Chromatographic Peak Capacity of 1,000—1,500 for Proteomics and Metabolomics,” Y. Shen, R. Zhang, R.J. Moore, J. Kim, T.O. Metz, K.K. Hixson, R. Zhao, E.A. Livesay, H.R. Udseth, R.D. Smith, Anal. Chem., 77, 3090-3100 (2005).